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Default Re: I love my Mya and Hookah-Shisha rocks

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
Completly agree ^^^^

And the draw is restirctive if its muti hosed even if the other person aint smoking, maybe mine didnt smoke that well but it was way to hard, i like restriction but the one i had was way to restritive
Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
I didn't have too much of a problem with the restriction as long as I didn't use a mya hose but one thing I noticed which I've never seen anyone on hear mention is that myas tend to get hot from the smoke because although they look solid the actual stem is just a narrow tube which seems to be aluminium, very lightweight and I think it overheats from smoke which then gets a little harsh. I've never had this problem on my nour, KM or AF hookah
Yeah, I think it's mostly the hose. I use my Narbish on it and the draw isn't a whole lot tighter than my Egpytian hookah. It's tighter, but not obnoxiously so.

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
The paragon gets extremly hot from the top, but i didnt notice a harshness
Yes, the Paragon does get hot. It's actually really interesting. After about 30 minutes of smoking, the top section is hot. Not so hot you can't touch it, but much hotter than you'd expect. But if you run your hand down it, by the time you get to the connecting oval in the middle, it's cool.

I can't speak for other Mya hookahs, but the Paragon (and the short, free hookah H-S is giving away) are both made of solid, heavy metal. The Paragon stem is only 22" tall, but it weighs about as much as my 36" KM Pear stem.

On a different note...

As Ironic as it may be, I actually had my first unsatisfying experience with today. They sent me a bad Nammor hose and weren't really willing to stick their neck out to keep me happy. All their solutions had me wasting time or money.

Still better than most, but I'll be recommending people shop elsewhere when possible.

What irony.
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