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Default Re: I love my Mya and Hookah-Shisha rocks

Originally Posted by bpetruzzo View Post
Yeah, I think it's mostly the hose. I use my Narbish on it and the draw isn't a whole lot tighter than my Egpytian hookah. It's tighter, but not obnoxiously so.

Yes, the Paragon does get hot. It's actually really interesting. After about 30 minutes of smoking, the top section is hot. Not so hot you can't touch it, but much hotter than you'd expect. But if you run your hand down it, by the time you get to the connecting oval in the middle, it's cool.

I can't speak for other Mya hookahs, but the Paragon (and the short, free hookah H-S is giving away) are both made of solid, heavy metal. The Paragon stem is only 22" tall, but it weighs about as much as my 36" KM Pear stem.


Yh same happened to mine it was funny to me, btw i was using a nammour with it so it wasnt the hoses, i dont know if it was maybe just mine on the restriction, but it was a very well built hookah
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