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Default Re: Bad exoticas

Originally Posted by Frank Dux
I agree I started this to show some bad boxes still exists, then people started bringing in the other place and crap, lets just keep it at the topic
Yes, Let's keep this on topic! "Another Forum" has nothing to do with this one!? I guess I missed all the posts in this thread, Thanks to the MODs for putting out the fires!

I think Frank Dux / Oggie is a well respected member with a lot of knowledge. I can understand and probably believe what he is saying, due to his standing in different hookah communities. I don't think there were any ill intentions, I think he was just bringing his "frustration" and "findings" to the attention of others. (If I had a problem with any product ... you can BET I will be bringing it to the communities attention!) There seems to have been some problems in the past with a bad coals, due to some kind of water damaged shipment. I wish this would all get resolved! I think that some key people have really tainted the coals though, as poor quality, although I use them all the time currently, and like them!
... VENDORS should take the initiative to crack open a box and verify the contents!? It only takes a second to do!? But I am not in the sales industry so I can't comment on that, only my thoughts and opinions. But I think vendors should take the extra couple of seconds to check the boxes and verify them, especially if they were one of the vendors to receive bad coals. I am sure once all "known" boxes have been resolved, we can get back to the quality coals.

As far as the Exotica Coals, I use them all the time and really enjoy them! I haven't found a bad box yet, but I have a few in my stash I should probably take a look at them a little closer to be sure. So far, so good though! I wouldn't let this deter you from trying them out. They seem to be a great value for the money, and I like that they don't roll off my bowl.

And to say it again, just keep it on topic, everyone! Thanks

Ohhh and which vendor did you get the Exotica's from Frank Dux? Thanks
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