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Default Re: Question about Tobacco EXP. dates.

i almost feel like the expiration dates are put on because they have too. or else they wouldn't kind of like nakhla. but my advice, when it's that old don't buy it, especially splash. it's just over supply in the market that never sold. in addition, it's garbage. hayter, like everyone said you are close to anaheim, in addition you are part of HP, you have your choice of a half dozen great vendors that are reviewed, half of whom are in southern california, in addition all of these products are reviewed. what would make you consider buying expired splash? i know you are just asking about the legality of expired shisha but i wouldn't set foot in that place based on principle. also, the reason he will not sell nakhla is that there is little margin in it.
anaheim has a lot of good places and a lot of crappy ones. world smoke shop is good, as is dreams down the street. good luck
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