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I totally know what you are talking about.
some Arabic areas called the shisha (hookah) different names. So I will talk about area.

Shisha definition is actually not for the hookah everyone knows and it has flavors like (double apple). That’s called (moaseel) the nicotine is less than 1.
the shisha is called for Jerak and it is really famous in Jeddah city (or west of Saudi Arabia) I used to smoke it all the time). The tobacco is black and the nicotine is around 28. The way it smoked is kind of deferent. The head of the hookah (where you put the tobacco) is bigger 3times than the moaseel head. It must be filled totally. The top of that the Coals must fill it completely (TOO MUCH). Then u can smoke it ( you cannot change the coals because you do not need to. the pipeline is around 3-6 meters. The electric shisha is for Jerak not for moaseel. My dad smokes it since I was in elementary. Now I’m in USA and I really would like to buy the electric one with the pipleine, but from where?? (the tobacco I can get it).
I saw 2 pic online that people using it for moaseel and actually it was funny ^_^.
I hope I could explain it and sorry for my English for who could not understand it.

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