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Default Re: No posts on the new Mizo???

Originally Posted by ************* View Post
so far i tried orange and gum, both are very smooth, planning on the lemon tonight and or apricot. all mizo ordered has gone out and some of you that are local will be getting them tomorrow, please give your honest opinions. as you have noticed i am not overhyping, but i am very excited to hear what you guys say. i almost know what you are all going to say. as far as prices nakhla is charging more for it whether if its for added packaging or added ingredients or what? maybe they are realizing how much you guys are liking it and are increasing prices. either way it's still one of the cheapest shisha there. also someone posted it's $14, it's actually $13 and remember you guys are part of hp for many beneficial reasons, one of which is promocodes. i don't want to get anywhere near advertising in this thread as it's not appropriate nor allowed, however, I like this discussion, it's a great topic.
hope to hear from you guys soon with reviews, as a vendor I can't review per rules nor do i want to, i want unbiased opinions just like everyone else.
I want to know about the Apricot the second you smoke it. . The original Nakhla Apricot kind of has a feet taste/smell to me.
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