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Default JM's new packing method

Ok, well i have really been into jm's lately, I love pretty love much all their flavors, but the only problem, it that jm's burns really easy and gets wispy smoke on all my flavors, so i decided to experiment a little, I tried packing really loose, didnt work out, tried under packing, didnt work out, tried over packing, really didnt work haha, but until I packed it REALLY tight, wow, amazed, thicker smoke then AF and starbuzz, and it takes heat wayyyy better, it didnt burn once with 3 cocos and a windcover. The flavor was INTENSE! it lasted 1 hour and 30 min, and i was taking drags about every 30 seconds. you guys should really try this, it works out great for me. this is probaly the only shisha to pack really tight

EDIT: i tried it on Hookah Hookah, SAME RESULTS! i'm going to do this packing method on all fine cut shishas



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