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Default Re: No taste and lack of smoke

Originally Posted by Sw1ft View Post
Still not getting any flavor. Could my pipe be the problem? its clean, ive plugged the second hose port when smoking alone. Recently got some tobacco from a friend that was in Egypt. The same tobacco works for him but not for me.

I get very small amounts of smoke and it just tastes like coals and hookah really. Right now im using Poker QL coals. Tried with smaller amounts of shisha so it wouldn't burn to the top. Made no difference. I'm using just one coal. Which used to work like a charm in the summer. i used to have a tin foil poker thing which made a perfect pattern every time. But i lost that at a party.

I'm going to try with as many coals as i can fit on my bowl today. My bowl is a 1/4" deep Egyptian. Any specific patterns i should use?
I'm getting desperate here

Okay, what it sounds like here is you are packing too much tobacco into the bowl. I DEFINITELY RECCOMMEND AGAINST PUTTING AS MANY COALS AS YOU CAN GET ON YOUR BOWL. That's just going to end with you getting violently ill and possibly making a trip to the emergency room. The shisha you are using might be expired, so that might be the case. Foil patterns, really doesn't matter. I think what is going on is that you aren't letting your coals get completely hot. And when you were making mushroom clouds back in the summer, it sounds like you might have been burning the shit out of it.

Final suggestions: 2 QL coals on the edge. Poke a good amount of holes (3 rings or so), let the coals sit for a while to make sure they are RED hot when you put them on the bowl. Hopefully this will help.

P.S.- I would suggest some natural coals and a single coil burner (like a stovetop burner with coils.).

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