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Default Re: No posts on the new Mizo???

Ok ok, no need to twist my arm John :P

Apricot is apricot. If you smelled Nakhla's version of it, that's how they all pretty much smell, including Tangiers. Mizo is no different, it smelled pretty much the same as regular apricot except it was Mizo. There are slight differences, the regular having a little more tart top note if that makes any sense to somebody who's had it. We didn't smoke any though.

Orange was good, not anything mind blowingly new but the smoke was good and smooth. After having it last night, I opened up a box of regular Nakhla orange this morning and the flavor is about the same IMO. Smoke isn't as smooth and easy as the Mizo counterpart though.

Based on what I've seen so far I don't think they changed the flavors (which isn't a bad thing at all), just the tobacco and tupperware/outer box. I can't confirm or deny the distributor's statement about them being juicer/wetter but the peach we opened did look visually wetter than my own stock from the boxes. My stuff looks stickier though. The peach didn't smoke very good last night but that could have been due to several different reasons. The packaging the new stuff comes in inside the plastic container is the same as the boxes, IOW the silver/foil outer bag and tobacco inside the folded clear plastic sheet.
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