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Default Vortex Help

Just got a Vortex Bowl this week and I have tried everything! Every time my wife and I smoke, after 15 minutes we get this burnt taste in the back of our mouth and there is not much smoke.

I have tried everything I can think of. I didn't over pack, I have tried foil, screens, 3 coals, 2 coals, 1 coal, wind cover, no wind cover, starting with 3 coals moving to 2, starting with 2 moving to 1. Nothing works, it is still horrible. I use the bowl that came with my hookah and we get a great 45-60 minute session. I have watched videos on the Vortex to see if I was doing anything different. Nope, I am doing the same.

We get 2 good clouds and then barely any. Have tried Tangiers, AF, and Afzal, which the whole bowl was burnt in 10 minutes. Tangiers and AF in the other bowl gives great clouds and a good buzz. With the Vortex we get nothing.

Any help?
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