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Default I desperately need help with my hookah.

Hi everyone.

Here's a problem that I'm having, my al fakher shisha has little to know taste and terrible longevity, but pretty incredible smoke clouds, this is frustrating because every review or tutorial I've read or watched it seems people really TASTE the shisha, the only shisha that I found notably improved with my phunnel bowl is Good Times, I'm typically vigilant as far as heat management goes.

I've been having some rather maddening issues with my overall hookah smoking however, although most notably with Al Fakher, I'm thinking I was led astray by a tutorial suggesting I pack it semi-tight, but it seemed to work so well for him, my set-up is generally a mya vortex, medium phunnel bowl, diffuser on the down stem, one layer of Reynolds HD foil, nammor hose, a Taj Wind Cover, and three halves of coconara natural coals.

The thing is, I've done an exorbitant amount of research and gone to great lengths to understand the proper acclimation procedures for certain shishas, tin foil hole patterns and hole sizes, the placement of the tin foil itself, preparation and maintenance, packing methods, etc.

So I was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to what I'm doing wrong, I know this is a lot to digest for anyone willing to help, I've watched many packing tutorials for various shisha in a phunnel bowl, none of them seem to work, I've tried different hole patterns and coal configurations/amount of coals and nothing works, i've tried smoking with and without the wind cover, or simply using the wind cover as a means to accelerate the heat-up process.

The only shisha that works somewhat is Romman and Starbuzz, but it is short-lived.

I would really appreciate any ideas thrown my way, thank you in advance for any help, any suggestions would be useful at this point.


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