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Default Re: Wisdom teeth...

I pulled my wisdoms on 11/22/2009 a week before my bday(27th). The following week was hell lol.
I lost 5lbs from eatin just soup. They told me not to suck on straws cuz it cases you to bleed, I missed that part and cut up some ramen noodles in the soup and used a fat straw to suck them up. This was 5hrs after the surgery, BAD IDEA.

I waited till the 28th(a week later) to smoke since it was my day party. I had an hour session. After that I waited 2 weeks till my next session just to be sure. I don't know if I'm still vulnerable to dry socket but I'm still using that curved syringe to squirt put any food stuck in my sockets.

My advice is to wait atleast a week. And if Its and absolute must then go ahead and have a small session to get it out of your system(or in :P) then wait for as long as you can.
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