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Default Re: I desperately need help with my hookah.

Good Times is an Al Waha flavor. Al Waha's tobacco is cut differently, the pieces are larger and take heat better. AL Fakher has a tiny cut, and on this forum we attribute the tingle or harsh feeling when the flavor and clouds are still good to the cut size (tiny pieces). I have heard the Red Dye could be a major factor in this, so maybe you aren't as tolerant of it as other people.

3 coals sounds reasonable, it's different for everyone, but I use 2 coals, and would use 2 coconara coals on a vortex placed directly across from each other. From what I have found, and you fill find, some things that go into hookah smoking are more forgiving than others. Bowl packing as you mentioned does not affect a session to the extent of it being unsmokeable, as long as you packed it well enough within reason, which I am assuming you did.

Acclimation of non-Tangiers products shouldn't affect the smoke to the extent you have either. It tends to just affect the aroma.

It sounds like too much coal. Try using less coal. You can try 2 pieces of Nara right across from each other so there isn't too much heat in one area. If that's not enough heat, put one at 12:00 and another at 3:00 (like on a clock) so they are closer to each other. Have a windcover on both times.
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