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Default Re: I desperately need help with my hookah.

Sorry guys, I meant to say I started out with three halves of coconara coals and eventually moved up to three whole coconaras, both occasions I had them arranged in a triangle formation, that remedied the smoke, but the flavor was still ranging from non-existent to a bland smoke/charcoal taste.

In regards to the specific flavors, I was using Romman Guava, Al Fakher Eskandarani Apple, and Al Fakher Golden Grape, as well as some others, but those ones I just mentioned gave me to most trouble, I've heard some really good things about Esk Apple so I was disappointed that I wasn't able to cultivate any flavor from it on my hookah.

Thanks again everyone for the help, I'm going to try again tonight, I'll try the wind cover/charcoal method of taking a coal off and putting the wind cover on, sounds good to me, I'll start off with three coconara coals, and I'll try packing it fluffy, but relatively thick, perhaps I misinterpreted the tutorial I watched, no more Tangiers packing for Al Fakher, haha.

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