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Originally Posted by FusionX View Post
i don't see why if this is so popular in demand, why eric doesn't just put them into production.
Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
he says they don't smoke as well, which has proven to be bullshit IMO because I get perfect tasting sessions from my mini, same as my small and medium. smaller bowl = less product sold. simple as that.
It's not proven to be bullshit when many regular phunnel smokers can and will say from experience that larger phunnel bowls smoke better than the smaller ones, including myself (I own quite a few minis and smalls that are smaller than some minis so I'm not biased against them). They do not perform up to Eric's standards and he does not want to support them because of that. He gets enough grief from the regular line of phunnels and his tobacco already. There's also the issue of much more inconsistencies out of mini phunnel productions vs the larger sizes. Of all the batches that were done, only the most recent actually had some that came out close to the intended size. That's also not to say that if he can get them performing well he won't put them out anyhow. One of the reasons there were more mini production runs in smaller quantities that weren't known was to try and improve them.

Originally Posted by MAD_HATTER View Post
he just wants ppl to use more of his tobacco
Have you ever just talked to him about it? He's someone who will tell you what he really thinks (unless he's just fucking around with you ), even if they are negative towards his own products. He's been one of the first to tell people that they can reuse his tobacco and how to do so with good results because he does it himself. Eric never said Tangiers has to be smoked out of a phunnel or any other large bowl and it was cut the way it is specifically to smoke better out of an Egyptian bowl. That doesn't mean he won't give you his own opinions on why he chooses to use phunnels now, one of the biggest ones being it increases longevity of the tobacco.

None of his reasoning behind it center around wanting to force people to use more of his product so he can make more money. Eric hasn't had the ability to meet the demand for both his tobacco and phunnels for a long time now and he has not been raising prices to increase his profits. If he has limited production capabilities and a demand for his regular products that exceeds those capabilites, why would he choose to make what he has determined to be the worst of the models when his primary concern and motivator is to make the best product he can? That's not to say he doesn't take into account what his customers want. F-line production stopped so Lucid can be made in greater quantities because that's what people wanted more. Just know that he has been looking into doing many things that he's been asked about once he has the abilities to do so but for now he simply can't support it.

You can take this long post however you want but it's simply to address misconceptions people have about his intentions. He is a hookah smoker and enthusiast that got into the business of making what he does because he personally wanted something better than what was available on the market. Somehow he gets made out to be some manufacturer that's out to make as much money as he can, which if you've met him it's easy to see is not the case. People close to him and who do business with him do tell him he could be making more money and be growing faster if he makes some sacrifices but he's stubborn about his way of doing things.

Originally Posted by thefaded View Post
I want a mini.. guess I'll just have to go to odessy sometime.. I'm sure I'll be in SD at some point in the next year or so.
Just keep in mind that minis are not a regular production item and aren't always for sale. A lot can change in a year though, and he might even be in a different location by then (not too far from his current location). If you can, I would suggest getting somebody local to check it out for you ahead of time to avoid going down there and finding out there aren't any for sale. Shoot me a PM if you want to talk about it more.

Originally Posted by patelbadboy2006 View Post
If anyone wants a really small phunnel, get the green blue black one john has, i have one and its way smaller then my other smalls, other smalls hold about 20-25grams whereas this is close to 15
Unfortunately the glazing doesn't determine if they tend to be smaller or not. Sizes of the bowl varies because shrinkage varies in high fire clays so the only way to really pick out a smaller one is to see them. If you have to order them, your best bet would be to buy from a vendor like John as you mentioned because they will try their best to pick out one to your liking, if you ask them nicely of course.
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