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Default Re: I desperately need help with my hookah.

Originally Posted by VocabDoctor View Post
Sorry guys, I meant to say I started out with three halves of coconara coals and eventually moved up to three whole coconaras, both occasions I had them arranged in a triangle formation, that remedied the smoke, but the flavor was still ranging from non-existent to a bland smoke/charcoal taste.

In regards to the specific flavors, I was using Romman Guava, Al Fakher Eskandarani Apple, and Al Fakher Golden Grape, as well as some others, but those ones I just mentioned gave me to most trouble, I've heard some really good things about Esk Apple so I was disappointed that I wasn't able to cultivate any flavor from it on my hookah.

Thanks again everyone for the help, I'm going to try again tonight, I'll try the wind cover/charcoal method of taking a coal off and putting the wind cover on, sounds good to me, I'll start off with three coconara coals, and I'll try packing it fluffy, but relatively thick, perhaps I misinterpreted the tutorial I watched, no more Tangiers packing for Al Fakher, haha.

I agree with kalutika about 3 half cocos on a medium phunnel using HD foil. Personally I would probably be using 3 full cocos on a medium using regular foil, maybe 4 depending on the tobacco and how I packed it.

I would suggest trying more heat. Water vaporizes at a lower temperature than glycerin and glycerin is a better solvent so too little heat can impact how much flavor you get even if you are getting clouds. If more heat alone doesn't work, keep everything else the same but pack more. A phunnel has to be vaporizing enough tobacco and fast enough to get good smoke otherwise you'll just be drawing in too much air.
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