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Originally Posted by foibled View Post
It's not proven to be bullshit when many regular phunnel smokers can and will say from experience that larger phunnel bowls smoke better than the smaller ones, including myself (I own quite a few minis and smalls that are smaller than some minis so I'm not biased against them). They do not perform up to Eric's standards and he does not want to support them because of that. He gets enough grief from the regular line of phunnels and his tobacco already. There's also the issue of much more inconsistencies out of mini phunnel productions vs the larger sizes. Of all the batches that were done, only the most recent actually had some that came out close to the intended size. That's also not to say that if he can get them performing well he won't put them out anyhow. One of the reasons there were more mini production runs in smaller quantities that weren't known was to try and improve them.
notice I said IMO, In My Opinion. I've been smoking Tangiers for over a year, mainly out of a small funnel, and occasionally a medium. I noticed no difference between the two. I sense no lack in flavor or smoke between all three bowls. Maybe i'm a hookah god? I dunno...
Let's think about this. What could cause a smaller bowl to not perform as well as a larger one? Only thing I can think of is less surface area exposed to the coals. How this could make it smoke much differently I have no idea.

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