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Default Re: Lighting Fumari Odorless Coal + Questions

They are Japanese easy lights (real Japanese, not Chinese imitation) so they work like Golden Canaries or Abu Hitam charcoals/cokes if you've used those before. You technically can light them using a lighter but it would take forever and I'd feel sorry for your thumb. A stove is a better method.

The benefits behind them are that they can light off of other coals so there's no need to use a stove for a second round of charcoals and they have little to no odor when lighting so they're more friendly for indoor smoking. Their ash doesn't block airflow causing them to go out as much either like other charcoals and imitation easy-lites. They are smaller however and don't last as long (~30 min) nor do they put out as much heat as say CH charcoals or Coconaras (which is actually better for some tobaccos).
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