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Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
notice I said IMO, In My Opinion. I've been smoking Tangiers for over a year, mainly out of a small funnel, and occasionally a medium. I noticed no difference between the two. I sense no lack in flavor or smoke between all three bowls. Maybe i'm a hookah god? I dunno...
Let's think about this. What could cause a smaller bowl to not perform as well as a larger one? Only thing I can think of is less surface area exposed to the coals. How this could make it smoke much differently I have no idea.
I did notice the IMO which is why I responded that there are people who do notice the differences, although if something can be proven based on your opinion then maybe you really are a hookah god.

FWIW, I use my system of small phunnels on a daily basis pretty much. I can tell the difference between the four sizes and even between my larger smalls vs smaller smalls.

A phunnel has to vaporize enough tobacco at a fast enough rate to continue producing good smoke. Surface area and depth of the bowl affect this. Depth also affects longevity and the different bowls are actually designed with different depths to balance the relationship between tobacco life & smoke. Reducing the surface area and amount of tobacco in the bowl changes how much and how fast smoke can be produced consistently. Larger bowls can produce smoother smoke for longer periods of time and for less heat relative to the amount of tobacco due to less wastage/losses. If, for example, a larger phunnel held the same amount of tobacco as two smaller phunnels, that larger phunnel could smoke that amount of tobacco longer than those two smaller phunnels and use less coals in doing so, assuming of course proper heat management and such. Whether or not that is actually preferred, convenient, or even feasable is up to the user.

Egyptians bowls are affected to some degree by the same factors but the effects aren't as dramatic because the smoke is drawn through the tobacco.
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