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Default Re: I desperately need help with my hookah.

Originally Posted by VocabDoctor View Post
Thanks guys!

I had two consecutive sessions that we're awesome, two separate shishas, different brands and different flavors, so I'm doing something right, I think it boiled down to a few idiosyncratic tweaks, packing and coals, also thanks Dee for the suggestion about the wind cover and coals, worked like a charm, I've got it down pat, and I dig the videos by the way.

Also, I totally agree (although I'm not quite experienced enough yet) about the different strokes for different folks, I'll certainly experiment and improvise with different methods to see what works for me, but I like the way it's hitting now for sure, mellow buzz, strong flavors (I like how the sour aspect of Esk Apple clings to the roof of my mouth), and overall thick smoke that inspires some colossally amazing rings.

I'm becoming something of a regular on this forum as of late (admittedly as a result of my own troubleshooting) and I look forward to seeing what else is out there in the world of hookah.

Thanks again!

Glad you got your rig smoking well! On a side note, you are indeed quite the "vocab doctor". Cinema goer... a writer maybe?
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