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Default Re: Writing my x-mas shisha wishlist.

Originally Posted by dropkickdragout View Post
So I'm writing down some flavors that i want to try. I've already stocked up on Nakhla so i'm going with Al Fakher this go around.

I already know i want to try the new Al Fakher 2 and the AF Golden Esk Apple, but i'm allowed 2 more 250g bins of af so i'm asking opinions, what are 2 additional must have flavors...i was thinking golden grape and a coffee....but i've heard that maybe AF grape is bad now and i can't pick between the 2 coffee flavors. HALP!!
AF Cafe Latte impressed me. It has undertones of coffee flavor but is more cocoa-esk and creamy. Reminds me a lot of cocoa pebbles. Really sweet too which could either seal the deal, or break it depending on your preference. I really like it though.
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