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Default Re: I desperately need help with my hookah.

Yea, it's pretty tempting to just stay home and watch movies these days, what with the invention of Blu-ray, humongous flat-screen televisions, and surround-sound, and the lack of the obligatory "noisy" theater patrons, whether they be cackling loudly, texting on cell phones, popcorn munching, or unnecessary commentary, can't say I disagree on that point.

I'm going to take a leap however and spring for the Avatar IMAX 3D, one of the perks of living in Cali, won't have a chance in hell once I go to Alaska for the holidays, they seriously need to invest in some outrageously expensive amenities for us Alaskans, or in my case, ex-Alaskan.

I'll let you guys know how it turns out, I'm crossing my fingers and hoping its along the lines of Aliens and not Titanic, lol.
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