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Default nakhla

alright so i finally had a good session out of my nakhla sweet melon.
i don't know if the taste is quite right since i was using QL's due to my lack of nara's at the moment.
but basically i had good smoke and decent taste.
it did give me a buzz but it didn't knock me on my ass or anything like everyone claims.
but i think i finally figured it out.
a whole kilo is hard to stir but i dug to near the bottom and got stickier shisha and packed a bit tighter/more in my vortex and used two smalled generic coals without a windcover.
started with one just to get it started cause i was in the garage where everyone smokes and it's cold in there.
anyway, i just haven't showed my dad, who's curious about the whole thing.
it's late/early and he's not even awake but this should be interesting when i show him my hookah is in there haha.
he woke up and saw me walking up from my car holding a walgreens burner and i was embarrassed a little cause i didn't want him to know what i was doing until i can properly show him so i was a little suspicious and he asked what i was hiding but still i didn't give it away although i did tell him the purpose of the burner.
he's a smoker and yeah he doesn't want me doing it of course but hey what're you gonna do.
i got banned from smoking at my girlfriends house cause her mom hates the smell and i can't blame her.
she's just weird.
but i did get my first pretty good session out of it and it was pretty damn awesome.
i wish everyone a goodnight and ill let you know the results tomorrow.
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