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Talking Thank you, "Mod Squad"!

I just received a lovely package in the mail with a note saying,
Hi thefaded,
You were chosen by a fellow Hookah Pro member to receive a gift from the Hookah Pro Mod Squad. The Desi Murli in your package is courtesy of Kamal at The Baja and Fusion is courtesy of Sambooka. The rest is from my stash, and the packaging materials and shipping are my treat as well. Depending on what you celebrate, on behalf of the Mod Squad, I with you and Yours a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday season.

Take Care,
I just wanted to say thank you to Dunkel, Sam, and Kamal, as well as whoever nominated me and the rest of this mystery mod squad. I got 6 little bags of about 20g each of the following:
Nakhla Cinnamon
Fusion Pear
Nakhla Cardamom
Desi Murli Almond
Baja Margarita
Baja Kahlua

I'm so excited to try out my new flavors, none of which I've ever tried before! Thanks again to everyone, and a giant hug goes out to each of you.

PS. Excellent packing job, Dunkel. These little baggies are so cool!

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