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Default Tobacco Tastes

Recently I came upon someone talking about AF's Soft Black here and said words to the effect that it "tastes like tobacco and that is all he needed to know about" which is a notion that needs to be addressed.

There is no tobacco taste anymore then then there is a meat, fruit, beer, wine, ice cream or candy taste. Tobacco can have a range of tastes from brutally simply and nasty (think typical cigarettes) to extremely complicated and subtle with wide range of floral, earth, spice and herbal notes. In fact tobacco often has tastes far more complicated and varied then you'll find in most food or drink because it's an agricultural product and reflects the interplay of soil, water and plant chemistry which all changes as the tobacco is cured and aged. To dismiss tobacco as something simple, harsh and loaded with nicotine is a terrible thing akin to viewing Mad Dog 20/20 as representative of wine.

We should do what we can to learn about the craft, lore and passion that creates fine tobacco and celebrate it.
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