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Default Re: Tangiers Smeel slike Jack??? WHA??

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
Tangiers just seems to be so inconsistent .. and requires a special kind of attention, the kind of attention that a piece of antimatter would!

Good to know I am not the only one getting a BBQ smell or other funky smells from this particular brand. I thought I was going nuts!

I can honestly say that I want to believe .. I really do!! BUT .. sadly I have not seen the light a few people speak of. I just smell BBQish or other funky smells. I have had about 8 flavor experiences and only one was mediocre in flavor and smell. Another one was with a self proclaimed expert that spoke highly of Tangiers. The session with him was blueberry and the flavor "amount" was about 10% you had to really try to find a blueberry flavor! The other 90% was just thick smoke.

To the few tangiers fans .. don't slam me! I am just offering up my opinion. I am actually going to give a few more flavors another chance sometime in 2010 so that I can try at least a dozen flavors and styles before coming to my final conclucsion.
Where I live, everything smokes fine but Clove that I have tried, especially the Kashmirs . Nothing has been inconsistent other than the Cloves, which have failed absolutely miserably every time. So miserably I can't even believe it. But Kashmir Peach goes for either 5+ hours, or Multiple days, depends on what i decide.
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