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Default Re: Tangiers Smeel slike Jack??? WHA??

Originally Posted by MichaelMassacre View Post
You must remember Tangiers is molasses based...
Most of our other tobacco that we smoke isn't molasses based...

Nakhla does have some molasses extracted from sugarcane as an additive to the tobacco but I believe Tangiers has another extract of molasses which is the root in addition to the tobacco leaves... Since it is all a homeade product pretty much you can't expect the same results as Nakhla which is mass produced... I've had nakhla that needed to sit out along with AF Grape for example... No products are perfect.

But yeah usually within 16 hours or so my Tangiers Noir smells / tastes fine,

Lucid normally needs a good 2-3 hours (except static lucid which still smells like shiznit)

Nice post. I think of tangiers as a Homebrew compared to other tobacco. Sometimes, based on factors you can't control, you get off flavors or just get a messed up batch. With Large Breweries though, they have the ability to pasteurize large amounts of beer, knocking out all infection and ability for it to develop off flavors and giving it the perfect taste you love, only without the LOVE.
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