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Default Re: Thank you, "Mod Squad"!

Originally Posted by unicycleboy3190 View Post
let us know how the Fusion Pear is cause i really like pears and cant find a good pear shisha
It didn't really taste like pear, actually it didn't really taste like anything at all. :P

Originally Posted by Hayter View Post
I got samples of Nakhla Earl Grey, Hookah Hookah atomic Fireball, Hookah Hookah Peanut butter (which I am going to smoke tonight!), DM Pan, DM almond, DM lemon LIme, and one other one i cant remember. I am at work and i dont have them infront of me.
Awesome! Atomic fireball sounds tasty, and so do those other DM flavors. I smoked some of the almond I got last night. It makes me want to try some of the other dm flavors- for the high buzz of it it's not harsh or hard to heat manage at all, which is surprising. Enjoy!

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