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Tobacco will not show the same flavors to different people. It's all based on your palate - possibly what you ate before, what you drank, what you are drinking/eating. how much you smoke, how clogged your nasal passage is....

Take, for example, Don pepin garcia cigars. These are very well regarded as the spiciest beasts you could smoke. When most people review a pepin blue, they have the earthy/extremely peppery/spicy tones. From the sticks I've had in Blue Label, they are a mild/medium smoke with slight earthiness, heavy coffee, slight cocoa, and NO spice. When I smoke a tatuaje, I get White Pepper and coffee with cream and sugar, slight spice - others say it bites like a rabid dog.

Same goes for "Pepper" and "Pepper Flavors" and "Spice" and "spice flavors".

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