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Originally Posted by flutterbi View Post
do you really get a caffine buzz with tangeirs f-line?
It depends on how caffeine affects you. There isn't much caffeine in it actually but that's because caffeine is much stronger when inhaled vs digested.

Originally Posted by chain View Post
but i think Eric stopped making it, a few sites still have some to sell so if you're thinking about getting it hurry.
Originally Posted by FusionX View Post
I think he started making it again actually, just limited people carry it
Originally Posted by ZenSilk View Post
I am under the impression it's off the market, excluding his lounge.
F-line production stopped to make room for Lucid. It is not in production but he does still have caffeine so it technically could be made. What's left on the retail market is the last of it for now. There were a couple packs at the lounge the last time I was in the back room but its not something that's regularly made and sold there. If he ever does move to a larger place then there's a good chance either F-line or a caffeinated Lucid line will be made again.
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