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Default Re: Calling out Desi Murli Experiences Lungs!

Kewra is a bit floral like the others have said...there is no one kind of evolves as the bowl heats up and bakes. usually the first thing you notice with Desi Murli is a straight up tobacco taste. It's a good high quality taste...then you start noticing the flavors..starts off a bit of rose, then a hint of vanillia to it, a touch of caramel. None of it is overpowering, it is all subtle flavors, but very good.

Pan, I'm still trying to figure out Pan. only smoked 2 bowls of it, haven't found all the nuances yet.

Khus has a slight spearmint flavor to it, very subtle, almost an undertone. Lots of earthy flavor to it, maybe a hint of oak.

The thing that I have noticed with all of the Desi Murli flavors is they all sort of start off the same, with that initial taste of tobacco, then it slowly leads into the flavors.

The flavors that are self explanatory are good also, you can tell what they are supposed to be, no surpises, all the flavors are nice and blend with the natural tobacco flavors. none of them are overpowering...I have yet to find a DM flavor that I don't like.

The one thing you have to remember with Desi Murli is that you can't go in and hoover it, you need to be able to sit back and relax, don't plan on going anywhere for a bit after smoking it.

I have to admit, as much as I like Nakhla...I enjoy Desi Murli so much more... If you like the taste of tobacco, if you truly enjoy it, then this will be the shisha for you.
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