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Default Re: Calling out Desi Murli Experienced Lungs!

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
OK ..

So for those of you that have had the opportunity to try 10+ flavors of Desi Murli .. could you do us all a favor? Recommend to those of us interested in trying some DM your top 3 or top 5 (if you have THAT many favs) in order?

I've had about 15 or so DM flavours and while all of them are great I find myself going to just a handful and so I recommend:

1) Plain - rich, earthy tobacco flavors with a bit of sweetness and muted spice tones
2) Kewra - earthy, spice tones, something fig like and a bit of vanilla and a great tobacco flavors
3) Khuss - combination of oak/cedar, tobaccos, mints,
4) Coffee - tobaccos, molasses, coffee and something floral I can't figure out
5) Apple (all of them) - vaguely fruity, apple, molasses, tobaccos
6) Roohafzah - cardamon, mints, lots of floral tones, tobacco and something vaguely sweet
7) Pudina - mints, earthy tones, tobaccos and something floral

The thing is that the flavous are tough to describe since they are are very complicated in both the fore and background flaovurs. These sorts of moassels are for quite reflection and demand your attention in order to enjoy.
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