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Good comments all!

OK, I think what is needed is some advice about how to get the most out of decent tobacco be it in a cigar, Western pipe, medwakh or narghile. Basically good tobacco is like a grand meal or fine wine/ale in that it requires your attention rather then just something to provide you with a pleasant distraction like say background music while you do the dishes.

Before smoking I recommend eating fruit or bread and washing it down with water or iced tea in order to cleanse the palette and counteract the CO that comes with smoke. Avoid particularly bold/spicy flavours, candies and soup prior to smoking and avoid hot beverages unless you know they will complement what ever you plan on smoking. Bold/spicy flavors and hot stuff tends to deaden your taste buds and you can't get a decent session with out them.

When you get ready to smoke spend a few minutes getting used to smells and feel of the tobacco and try to categorize it as best you can and ideally take notes. When you smoke take it slow and keep the smoke in your mouth rather then let it go down your throat since you don't have any taste buds there. Release the smoke slowly and take some time to reflect on the taste/smell/feel of the tobacco and pay attention to smoke texture and density since that has a lot to do with the sensation of smoking. When you drink stick with water or ice tea (unsweetened to avoid confusing your palette) or coffee if it complements the tobacco. Above all you must smoke without too much distraction until you are familiar enough with what you are experiencing so that you don't miss out on what the tobacco has to offer.
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