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Default "How To" Hookah Video Contest for Sept'09-Nov'09 .. A Compiled List!

With the help of joevincent and patelbadboy (thanks guys!) .. here is a compiled list of all the videos that were submitted for the "HOW TO" Video Contest that was held during Sept'09 thru Nov'09!
.. if you didn't know about the contest .. you should take a look at the contest section more!! we love to give away stuff!

Thanks to everyone that submitted videos .. and I hope to see more Members taking the time to do some videos in the future. Videos really helps us as a community to find this wealth of video information! Reviews, How To's, Experiments, etc.

Cheers! .. Sambooka

========== Here is the list of vids entered into the contest ==========

How To: Manage Your Heat -

PCServe How to register at HookahPro? -

How To Make a Mya Bambino a 2 Hose Hookah -
How to Make a Mya Bamino Purge Better -
How To Clean a Brass Hookah with Brasso -
How To Rapidly Film Tobacco Reviews -
How to Pack a Vortex Bowl -
How to pronounce hookah words -

Exercises for hookah... -
Tangiers packing technique -
Wind cover help -
******* Hookah Coals advice -
Mad scientist of hookah: Kalutika -
Makeshift coal carrier -
Lighting ******* Hookah natural coals -
Cleaning a vortex bowl -
Sealing a bowl 0001 -

How To Keep Foil On Tangiers Phunnel Tight Video... -
How To Break Coconara's In Half Video Review... -
How To Set Up A Hookah Video Review HookahPro.Com... -
How To Pack JM's In Tangiers Phunnel Bowl... -
How To Make A Apple Head Fruit Bowl Tutorial ... -
How TO Use A Normal Windcover On A KM Video... -
How To Check For Leaks -
How To Fix Harsh Smoke -
How To Fit A Tight Grommet -
How To Purge A Hookah -
How to make a make shift grommet -
How to remove a tight base -
How to mix flavours -
How to pack Nakhla Mizo in a Phunnel -
How to fit a Heba Diffuser on a KM stem -
How to distinguish between chambers -

How to Clean a Washable Hose for Best Results -
Hookah Pro How-To: Injury-Proof Your Tongs -
Hookah Pro How-to: How to Clean a Purge Valve -
Hookah Pro How-to: Identifying Common &... -
How to Deep Clean a Bowl -
Hookah Pro How-To: A Newbie Guide to Shisha Storage -
How to Make a Video for Hookah Pro -

How to flip a coal with Syrian bird tongs -

How to Log In/Out of HookahPro.Com -
How to Light Shisha Co. Coals -
How to Have a Hookah Session -
How to review Hookah Freak blend off entries -

How To: Clean a Hookah! (Hookah Pro Member Video) -
Slingshot effect sony vegas TUTORIAL -
How to make Youtube Videos HIGH DEF [HD]... -
quick Tip -
How To: Setting up a hookah! -
How to pack a bowl! -
How To: Check for air leakage in a hookah -
How to: Coal Ash -
How To: Cutting Exotica Coals! -
How To: Mix Shisha! -
How To: Packing a small egyptian bowl! -
How to: Making a cheap windcover/Setting up -
How To: Getting nice clouds -

How To Pack Nakhla In A Vortex Bowl -
How To Pack Nakhla In An Egyptian Bowl -

Clean a Narbish w/glued mouthpiece. -
"Over-pack" method for Nakhla -
How to pack Tangiers in an Egyptian bowl -

Cheerios! -
how to: smoke rings -

How to Clean your Hookah with Baking Soda -
How to Clean your hookah With BEER -
How to not get videos done -
How to prepare Tombac -
How to unghost a washable hose -

Nakhla - Zaghloul Tutorial -

How to seal a multi hose port -

How to smoke bubbles and tricks -

The double foil technique: Alternate bowl setup -
Power cleaning your hose -
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