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Default Help please! Good smoke, no flavor

Hey everybody,
I recently bought a Temsah World Cup with a narbish hose from John. Absolutely fantastic vendor! The first time I smoked my starbuzz blue mist last week thursday, I was using some of his CH ql's and the flavor and smoke were awesome. I managed to smoke all of the sample coals he gave me in that single day. Since I ran out, I switched back to my Three Kings quick lights and now there is next to zero flavor from my starbuzz. If anything, it actually tastes a lot like gum that had it's flavor chewed out.. I've tried adjusting my heat management. I found that one coal makes for fairly weak smoke and no flavor and that two coals on opposite edges makes for better smoke but still crappy flavor. I rotate the coals and make sure not to burn any shisha but I still can't get the flavor back from my starbuzz like the first day I smoked it. I've heard great things about both Brands of coals so now I'm wondering if maybe my box of three kings has gone bad or something. I'm down to the last two rolls and would like to use them up before getting more CH coals. Do you guys think that good smoke and no flavor is a problem with the three kings I'm using or something else? Really appreciate any input you guys can give!
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