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Default Re: Thank you, "Mod Squad"!

Originally Posted by thefaded View Post
Let us know how it is! I'm quite interested. I got DM almond, but almond is such a subtle taste that I'm interested to know how the flavor is on a more fruity one.
This is the first "fruit" flavor DM I've tried. All DM in my experience tastes first and foremost like tobacco. There is no doubt you are smoking tobacco when you smoke DM. Initially, that's all you will taste. To me the initial flavor is a slightly tangy, slightly sweet wood-like flavor.

It took quite some time to notice the lemon-lime flavor and when I did, it was very, very subtle. For me, I sort of noticed the flavor kind of "sticking" in my mouth all of a sudden. I couldn't really taste it in the smoke.

As a citrus flavor I would say I'm not all that crazy about it. I like strong citrus flavors. Having said that, I will smoke up the rest of the sample because I do like the flavor of the tobacco.
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