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Default Re: Help please! Good smoke, no flavor

Originally Posted by thefaded View Post
QLs do tend to affect the flavor, but they shouldn't make it leave. I have a roll of 3 kings that I've used a couple times for smoking away from home. They made the smoke taste bad (or at least not as good as it tastes with cocos), but they didn't remove it alltogether. When you were using the CH coals, did you use 2 or 3? If you used 3, maybe breaking up the 2 3 kings coals and putting the pieces in more places around your bowl could help.
agreed with faded, but i had that problem too, i found out that QL's of any kind suck on my 22 inch Chinese hookah, but naturals turned out to be the best for it, and on my KM naturals are also the best, like what kind of bowl are you using, i usually use 3 exotica coals and they seem to work awesome

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