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Default Looking for the best Bell Base: Opinion?

Well, first of all, my rig looks like this:

Now, I'm looking at,
and enjoy the bases there,
but don't know which would look best.
They all have similarities, but slight differences, looking for opinions.

First of all, this one here:

Currently, only the black is available, but I can't quite tell what the image on the vase is. It kind of reminds me of the Sultan from Alladin ha, but perhaps it is a flower? Or maybe a cowboy ha... no, well let's hope not.


Blue with either silver or gold bands. My rig being a tri-metal, either would look good, but can't quite tell which would be ideal. My new windcover is silver in color, and the majority of the stem is goldish in color, so perhaps silver to keep it balanced? And I really only consider the blue because I have a blue Nammor hose as well as the black KM hose.


Again, same problem with the clear vase, though I feel the gold stands out much more in this one.

And last:

Very similar to the previous, but perhaps a bit too simple. I really wish the site had larger views to tell what the detail really looks like.

As you can see, I'm not very decisive.
If you know of any other bell vases that have the same feel, please share.
And the hose has a bit of red trim too it,
so if there was anything in red, I'd love to see it.

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