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Default Re: Looking for the best Bell Base: Opinion?

i think the blue or black bases will look better, i have a heart of the lion tri metal also (but i think mine is 33 inch, looks pretty much the same just a touch taller) mine came with a crapy clear base and i wish i had a nicer colored base for it.

i vote for the silver accents on it but i am more of a fan of silver.

<rant> now my view on Egyptian "quality" glass might be jaded since i blow glass but god the stuff is horrid, nothing is freaking straight, nothing is even, freaking horrible quality glass (cords- thick lines due to uneven composition of the glass, seeds-lots of small bubble from not melting the glass right, stress fractures from either improper annealing of the glass to remove stress or glass that is not compatible with it self, and rocks in the glass: pieces of refractory brick that broke off in the glass and the blower was to lazy to cut it out before blowing or to cheap to trash the glass </rant>

i rant to make sure you are aware of the glass you will get, a lot of people seem to be fine with it but i just cant stand what is passed off as "quality" in areas that i at least know something about and wouldnt try to pass off those issues in a piece i am selling, or even a piece i am giving away

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