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DO NOT SMOKE! OR USE STRAWS! OR EAT ANYTHING THAT REQUIRES CHEWING!!! Soups, Jellos, fried rice, jello, jello, jello, jello, pudding, and jello are about the only things you should try to eat.
Also, dont drink alcohol bc that will sting like a boogerbitch.
As soon as you start to suck on a straw or inhale frm your hookah, you will be able to tell that ur tooth sockets hurt. JUST DONT DO IT. ITS THE WORST PAIN OF YOUR LIFE TO GET A DRY SOCKET!!!

i only say this because im honestly the wimpiest when it comes to tooth/throat/ear pain. ive had my nose broken 6 times and not even flinched but mouth pain absolutely annihilates me. good luck getting rid of the chipmunk cheeks as well, and remember JELLO!!!
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