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Default Re: Your Hookah Secrets...

fumari at our local shop cost more than starbuzz. and only in 100g bags. its super washed. if you like starbuzz you'll probably like fumari

my biggest secret is that when i first started smoking hookah with friends i always thought the tobacco was somehow in the coals (never occurred to me it could be in the bowl at the top of the stem) lol. so when i went home after smoking with a few friends at our local lounge i described how much we smoked by how many "coals" we ashed out. and my rm who had smoked hookah longer than me told me that the coals were just to "heat" the tobacco inside the "bowl". i felt so retarded.

my second secret is i like starbuzz. preferably code 69. and i think im the only one that actually does. lol
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