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Default Re: What do you have Sambooka?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
I thought we were going to keep my video quiet!?

I have one of the mermaid hookahs (I Love The Little Mermaid) and it is my primary smoker! I haven't smoked it in 10 days (was on my honeymoon) but I should really clean it out, cuz there is blueberry yogurt and nut juice in the base .. and by nut juice I mean coconut, the bowl is a homemade one out of a RockStar can and filled with some Tangiers Lucid but I am not sure which one cuz they smell the same .. it is either watermelon or strawberry? maybe waterberry!? Some apple flavored quick light coals and hellz yeah I got me some l.e.d. icecubes and a disco ball that hangs from the ashtray for that "little extra .. ohhh SNAP!"

Will you be my dad Sambooka? Lawls, but anyway, I wanted to let you in on a little secret I heard: Ed Hardy is going to be making a pinkberry flavor. The tin comes with a t-shirt, a sample of his cologne and a code to download the new Lady Gaga single from iTunes. Thought you might be interested.

On a side note, if I see another Ed Hardy accessory, I'm going to @~#%*@ng kill someone.

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