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Default Re: What do you have Sambooka?

Originally Posted by Sambooka View Post
That sounds like a great package deal! Probably about $99.95 but worth it!

(HEAVY on the sarcasm for those that don't know we are joking. and I agree about wanting to beyotch slap the Members that buy into this Ed Hardy relabeled overpriced crapola. Lower prices .. don't raise them up for already overpriced stuff because you put your name on the can!)

It's not the fact that It's Ed Hardy everything, it's just the fact that it's tattoo based basically and he's just taking tattooing and throwing it's name in the dirt then packing it in a triple-chambered bowl with Afzal/Soex/Fantasia Cupid's Arrow and smoking it using rollands.

I'm sorry, I'm adamant in my hatred for anything Ed Hardy and anything that trivializes tattoos. Tattoos should mean something. If you get a little frog on your back because you think it's cute, go die.


Okay, I'm done.

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