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Default The hookah noob <---

Alright, It's been 10 months since I was active on these forums. My hookah broke in late March (R.I.P. Big Blue) and I've aqcuired a mini.

Some questions:

-Aluminum or Tin foil?
-Since my mini bowl is.. well, mini, how should I pack the bowl?
-What is the best way to keep my cobra hose in the hole.. even though it doesn't fit? Tape..?
-Should my holes be small, say thumbtack size? I have pokers on the back of my old tongs, but they made somewhat large holes. I smoked the hookah a little until it burned up..
-How much water should be above the stem? It nearly reaches the bottom of the vase.. I'd say an inch. How much water should I put in?

Heres the Hookah: < 10inches from base to bowl.
Heres the hose:

Thanks much

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