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Default The new hookah danger, high CO levels...

I've been seeing this a lot, and after reading the article in the news section here I have to ask if this is just more falsified propaganda.

"The carbon monoxide content is much higher in hookah smokers than in cigarette smokers. A study comparing hookah smokers who smoked between 10-40 minutes and cigarette smokers and non smokers found that the concentration of carboxyhemoglobin (a degree of measuring carbon monoxide) in hookah smokers was 10.6% compared to cigarette smokers (6.5%) and non smokers (1.6%). The more carbon monoxide in the blood stream means less oxygen the various parts of your body will receive. This could very well correlate with the light headed feeling many hookah smokers claim to have after a session."

The only time I've gotten lightheaded was when I was building the tolerance toward the tobacco. For a while, when increased my smoking, I had gotten achyness/weakness in my legs and head pressure, but sure enough, that slowly started to go away and as far as I know you can't build a tolerance to CO like that. So what the hell man?
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