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Default Re: The new hookah danger, high CO levels...

The numbers are misleading. It's nothing new but as stated often times these tests are done very improperly which can greatly skew the results.

I am wondering why they don't use the actual measure for CO exposure. Parts per million (ppm) is the most accepted concentration and exposure measure. Possibly because it doesn't sound as scary. And maybe they should mention that a high ambient concentration of 100 ppm will cause headaches in... 3-5 hours? Huh.

Regarding blood concentration they should also mention that discomfort occurs when blood concentration reaches 30% or higher. 10% isn't great for you but it's not going to kill you. 50% is where you get serious complications on average. If 40 minutes results in 10% then let's just assume that you would reach 30% after two solid hours. I've smoked for that without any ill effects.

If they are recording levels that will cause effects faster than 100 ppm then the concentrations in the smoke would have to be high enough to set off a CO detector, which go off at 100 ppm on average, and not just when the coals are lighting.

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