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Default The New Hookah

Well some of you remember from a post a couple of weeks ago that I was gonna buy myself a new Shisha in Germany.

I decided to go with the Premium Nargile PN 580 because it got top reviews and it seemed like a good quality shisha.,sh...le,8919,,,.htm

My base looks a little different, it's black and white.

I'm gonna post some pics and maybe do a video review of it when I get back home.

I smoked out of it once, and it smoked like a dream. The stem is solid and pretty heavy. The base itself is also extremely heavy for a base and the stem unscrews in several places: Hose adapter, purging valve, the pipe that goes into the water, the tip where the grommet for the bowl goes on, and of course the tray unscrews also.

Like I said, I'll do a video review of it to see what you guys think.
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