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Default Re: Leaving for Egypt in 11 hours!!

hmm, I'm sure you are going to find a lot of hookahs in Sharm. When I was in Egypt, I only bought hookahs in Cairo (Khan Al Khalili), which has a great selection.

My recommendation is stay away from shops and try to find a market or bazaar. Everything is negotiable, so the basic tricks to get a good deal:
- Find a couple of pipes that you like from the same guy. Show a lot of interest in your second or third favorite and start negotiating.
- Ask about the one you actually like but stay focused on your other favorites, not the favorite.
- Negotiate prices on all of them. Compare the prices. Usually a good hookah in Egypt will be about 100-200 EGP (like 10-25 USD). Keep this in mind.
- Once you get the prices down, start fighting for extras: Nicer tongs, bigger tray, tobacco, nicer hose, etc.
- Once you have a good deal, leave for a bit (either a few hours or a day) then come back, negotiate it down a little more, and pay him in cash.

Happy hunting man! Most Egyptian hookahs are hand made, so really test them out and make sure all of the welds look good. Get them home can be pretty tough (they are big fragile items), but you'll find a way.

Also, a general note, stay away from Egyo inst-light charcoal. Its really bad.
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