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Default Re: Leaving for Egypt in 11 hours!!

Getting to Cairo is really not that expensive. We took a bus from Cairo to Dahab and I think it was like $20. Not that comfortable, but bus travel in egypt is super cheap.

Understood if you want to just chill on the beach and if you only have a week or less thats probably a good idea. Id skip Hurghada though, that place is concrete city (although could be cool for diving or sailing). Dahab (north of Sharm) is a totally chill spot that has tons of cool backpackers and is way cheaper than Sharm (Sharm is built for oil sheiks and Europeans, which neglects the cheapness that makes Egypt so much fun).

If you have more time, Cairo is worth the visit. Not even for the Pyramids (although they are sweet); Khan al-Khalili, the old market, is amazing as is Fishawy's, the hookah cafe in the market.
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