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Default Re: Question on scales

Originally Posted by CaptHowdy View Post
My only concern with the scale, if for some reason your house gets searched by the police, you could wind up in jail. With the hookah and a scale, they may consider it drug paraphernalia. Just my two cents and I wouldn't want to hear you got thrown in jail for a scale.

Anyways, here is one I have seen family use for certain recipes. Seems to work great for herbs like cilantro and bay leaves.
i call shenanigans on the going to jail thing. Ive got scales all over my house for reloading, and my brothers spice scale. There would have to be more than a hookah and a scale, actually off the top of my head i can tell you what the law would be on that in MA but thats probably against the rules.

on another note, you can probably pick up a scale for about $20-30 at a cooking store, ive seen them in pretty random places as well. If you look around you can get one that will probably do 0.1g intervals, and go up to around 100g. Course your weighing tobacco so thats more than acurate enough for your purposes, i for example have a scale that can do 0.001grains, which is much smaller than grams.

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